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The Monastery-Castle of LENTA (NW Italy)

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  • The Monastery-Castle of LENTA (NW Italy)

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    This is the Monastery-Castle of Lenta from two different points of view. In the middle, the crest of the municipality. The castle is an unique example of a fortified monastery. It is not known when it was built, probably in the 8th century, it was turned into a monastery just after year 1,000 AD.


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      This is undoubtedly an interesting subject for woodburning, but the walnut should have been absolutely smooth to start. The saw cuts detract from the pyrography. IMHO


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        I agree with pallin, A fine job of woodburning, but with my older eyes, I was trying figure our the vertical marks until I read pallin remarks. Never the less, good job.
        . . .JoeB


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          pallin has a point, smoothing the board before doing your pyrography would have enhanced your hard work. As Joe said "never the less, good job" Please take my comment as constructive...I have done some pyrography pieces I wish I would have done differently, but that is how we learn.
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            When I first looked at the work I thought there was something that was not quite right with it. Then after I read the other comments I realized it was the saw marks that detract from your otherwise beautiful pyrography work.
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              I am in agreement that the saw marks take away from this well done piece of art, some times we don't get the prep work done to best of our abilities