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Battery operated woodburning pen

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  • Battery operated woodburning pen

    Anybody ever hear about one? If so, where can I get one? Maybe build one? I'd like to be able to burn "on-the-go".

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    Hi Lincoya
    I never heard of a a battery operated burning pen.You could likey gear a up a regular burner to operate off a power back system,it have to have good sized storage to operate for long period of time

    Hope that helps you out


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      The problem here is that burning needs heat, making heat is just dumping power into a piece of wire. That does not play well with batteries.


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        The way the math works out for the power to heat the resistance wire, you would need an absolute whopper of a battery for the amps. A 12VDC or a 24VDC industrial battery that the combined 2 of us could not lift with a new price to match. Then you need a pyro pen that can eat 12 or 24VDC.

        If I had to? I'd buy a 1kW Honda 120VAC generator. They are surprisingly quiet for gas engine technology and lighter and cheaper than the battery.
        Brian T


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          One of our young ladies on the forum, It's been so long that I hesitate to say who, other than it wasn't my idea, came up with the idea of using a "THREAD ZAP II" to autograph her carvings. That sounded like a winner to me because using a magic marker seemed so amateurish. So I cut my coupon out of the Sunday paper and ran down to JoAnn's and bought me one at half price figuring, "What could I lose?" It was a great idea except the thing ate AA batteries faster than a wood chipper. I would imagine that it is fine for it's purpose of zapping thread but the heat required to just sign a couple of initials would kill a battery on one or two jobs along. So I concur with the observations of everyone else. You'd need a small Naval Electric Turbine generating system to maintain enough power to keep your wood burning pen going. That might not be too difficult if you could find one of the Navy's old MSL's Or MSB's!


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            I will be using an inverter run off solar/ batteries. Depending on the wattage you might be able to do it off a car battery while it's running.the little on I have just doesn't have the heat to do serious work. Well see about the wall len k.


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              OK I run 120VAC out of a 1.2kW inverter on my solar power battery back-up house power supply.
              We have many power failures here = after 60 in a day, you are allowed to quit counting, OK?
              Naval Turbines might not be much better than Navel oranges.

              Heat is I^2R, the square of the amps. 12VDC or 120 VAC makes no difference.
              CAT batteries store the juice. 1,400 cold cranking amps when you need them.
              Buy three of those. Go to bed. Sleep happy.

              I know this sounds sarcastic and hard. So is a midnight blizzard at 20 below and the power goes off.
              Brian T


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                Keep in mind pyrography came about before electricity and they actually used a flame. Might want to check into some of those old torches?
                Living among knives and fire.