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Colwood tips for feathers, birds?

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  • Colwood tips for feathers, birds?

    Can anyone recommend colwood tips for doing feathers and birds in general?

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    I'm not actually a bird carver but I've done a few over the years. I use a Colwood burner with various tips for all my wood burning needs and they perform fine. I like that they are interchangeable and replaceable.
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      My primary tip is a small skew with a rounded heel. It is great for doing veins in feathers and general outlining. Other than that, I use a needle point writing tip. Old Texas Woodcarvers has a good selection.
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        I use the same tip as Mpounders for feathers. I have recently watched a video on the Razortip Web Site that shows how to use Feather formers. If you haven't seen it, it is interesting. I talked to Razortip about a video to show how Feather Formers were used because there was no info on them. Lo and Behold it just recently showed up.



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          I use a small one like Mike it is good for doing feather veining, the only difference between his and mine is that I altered mine on the tip to be rounder so I make curves in the veins easier (more control). Other than that I use a larger flat for doing the shaft of the feather, by laying it on its side and pressing down you can then raise the shaft above the feather veining. My brand of choice is Razortip Burner with fixed tips... never cared for interchangeable tips.
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            Great info Thanks.


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              Mpounder gave you great advice, I have been using the same tips for many years!


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                I also like the Guge bent tips for additional help in feather details ike outlining quill/shaft and lifting the edge of a feather. I have used Colwood burners from the start. Small pointed tip with a rounded heel, long skinny pointed tip for getting into light spots, and the bent tips are what I use for small birds. Haven't done many large decoy-sized birds. Donna_T
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