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Burn Baby Burn - Detail Master burning pen tips burned out

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  • Burn Baby Burn - Detail Master burning pen tips burned out

    Dear Friends,

    I own a Detail Master pyrography unit called a Sabre. When I first purchased this unit many years ago I had no difficulty or problems with the handpieces. But at some point the manufacturer must’ve changed it’s procedures for manufacturing their handpieces. At that time I felt they were made with much thinner tip material then they had been in the past. Admittedly, I am heavy-handed on my handpiece, and I use it to actually remove some wood on my carvings.

    As a result, and in the process, I spent many dollars purchasing new handpieces. These handpieces also broke in the process of use as the tip material was very thin. These are handles without removable tips.

    I am now in the market for a good place to purchase a replacement handpiece that I can use with my Detail Master.
    1) Does anyone have any idea about what company makes a handpiece that will fit my Detail Master burning unit machine?
    2) And what can I do with seven burned out tips on Detail Master pens, can they be repaired in someway.

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    I'm not familiar with Detail Master products, but you might want to look into this company's web site. I know the make adaptors for some brands , not sure about Detail Master. They also have a very good deal on replacement tips on their own product, so it might be worth contacting them.
    Just to be clear I have no connection with Razor tip, but I do own one of their burners and am very satisfied with it .

    Hope this helps,
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      I have a Colwood Burner and like it very much , have had a Razor Tip and replaced it with the Colwood , and it can give out all the Heat that you will need. They have a lot of different Tips. Merle


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        RazrTip do repair their own products, don't know if they would do others. Might be worth a call.
        The furniture/wood shop down my street has 2 of the 2-pen pyro units from RazrTip with complete sets of tips.
        I don't hear those guys complain. Lots of bone and antler carving then pyro for modelling.

        I would expect the pen elements match the power range of the base unit. Know the power ranges?
        Matching plugs might be more of a puzzle.


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          Doc, you might try one of the nibsburner tips and see if you can silver solder it into your handpiece. You have to melt the solder from the old one, and clean it up good. The Nibsburner may just fit it right. I have successfully replaced one tip that way. You have to have the right flux for the silver solder.

          Good luck. Tom
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