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  • Clark Schreibeis Fish Scaler

    Has anyone used the Clark Schreibeis Fish Scaling Tip? If you have would you mind explaining a little bit how to use it.
    The advertising says it will burn any size or shape scale that you want, and you only need the one tip to accomplish this.

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    I don't know anything about Clark's, but I made my own very easily by filing a soldering iron tip into a horse shoe shape. I suppose if I I angled the tip while burning, I could get larger out smaller scales. I did some of that near the gills.

    One thing that surprised me was how dang long it took to burn these. It seemed like forever, and the fish is only about 12 inches long.

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      Thanks Tom. I guess I will attempt to make my own per the Fish Carver Web Site.



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        Larry, it looks like the one you are asking about is basically just a shader that you use free-hand to make scales. So your success depends on you skill and consistency when you use it.
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          thanks Mike, that is basically what I determined from looking at the picture of it. I talked to Razortip about it and they apparently don't know much about it either. I emailed Clark Schreibeis about it and he suggested that I purchase a back issue of 1998 Breakthru magazine for $12.00 where he explained how to use the tip. I think I will just buy the tip for $6.75 and see if I can figure it out. I appreciate your replying, thank you