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    Originally posted by majer1898 View Post
    I must not have been clear- I am doing ink transfers using a laser jet printer with acetone as the transferring agent. I have found that I can't trace complicated patterns- such as famous paintings and even if I could- I haven't found a tracing paper that erases with an eraser, maybe I am using the wrong brands. I did experiment with sealants and found beeswax allows the ink to wipe cleanly off but unfortunately when burning using the beeswax the ink sinks into the wood as the beeswax melts and can not be removed. I did try Krylon, oil, shellac and butcher block wax. None work very well.
    Hence why people wind up using the graphite transfer paper. No easy way out that I know about. Some use a projector (Dick Blick sells them) and transfer by projecting and then transferring the projected image by tracing. There is laser engraving also.

    I oil paint and most only need a rough sketch of an image and then painting in thew details...same for pyrography.

    So I don't have the answer, if I understand correctly.

    Keep us posted.
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      majer1898: are you making transfers onto flat surfaces? I understand your transfer technique.
      Carbon paper and graphite paper are not the same thing, we aren't flipping the terms back and forth.

      "Carbon paper" has a transfer coating of oils, wax and carbon soot. It is meant to be difficult to remove. That is the plan.
      "Graphite paper" has a transfer coating of graphite, much like the compound in ordinary pencils. It can be erased.
      Neat stuff to work with, even on curved wood surfaces.
      Would the graphite paper work as an interleaf between a print of the original pattern and the wood?

      I can buy both transfer paper types in any big office supply store. Usually, they are stacked side by side.

      If you can't find it, can you find HB or 2B graphite artists' sticks? About 1/4" x 3" long?
      Scribble that stuff on plain copy paper as a transfer sheet.
      Not wonderful but enough for me to see what I need to follow.
      Brian T