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Issue with Burnmaster Eagle Pro

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  • woodburner807
    Basically, all burners are technically the same and it would be interesting to hear what the failure was. The voltage at the pen is very low, so any arcing was probably in the transformer area. Never heard of a failure of any burner the way you describe, so probably a manufacturers defect or defective transformer.

    Nice they gave you a loaner to keep on burning. BTW, Burnmaster is a good unit.

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  • Headwaters
    started a topic Issue with Burnmaster Eagle Pro

    Issue with Burnmaster Eagle Pro

    Recently bought a Burnmaster Eagle Pro unit. Used it for about two weeks, maybe 6 or 7 short burning sessions. Went to use it a week ago, snapped on the power on the surge protecting power strip it was plugged into. Flipped the switch on the unit and heard a loud "ZAP" sound, and saw a flash of light coming from the louvers to right of the power switch. Wondering if anyone here has encountered such a problem, or if there have been any other issues with this unit.? Retailer provided great service and getting a loaner to me till my unit is repaired. Hoping this is an isolated freak occurence.