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Colewood wood burner, great support!

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  • Colewood wood burner, great support!

    I had a problem with my older Colewood Super Pro II, it was regulating the temperature. I called the company and I believe got the owner.
    He told me what to look at (I already had it open as I fix all of my own stuff) any way he told me to adjust a small potentiometer on the circuit board.
    That took care of the problem. I called a second time with a technical question regarding the output voltage.
    Both time he was very friendly and forthcoming with assistance.

    It is very refreshing to get this kind of support!

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    Great support is always a nice thing and getting rarer and rarer.

    Did you carve the figure in your avatar? If, so where did you find the pattern?
    Living among knives and fire.


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      I fairly recently bought a Colwood Detail burner. I'm still in the learning process but I'm very happy with the unit. It's good to hear that if there is a problem they are responsive.


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        Gnome with details and color.jpgGnome shaped no details.jpgGnome cut pieces.jpg Bill, My avatar is a pattern from Bruce Worthington
        It is an Intarsia pattern. I am currently making several of these for my Christmas sales. I am cutting them as segmentation.
        Shaping the individual parts and then carving the details with an assortment of tools. Knives, a Ram power hand piece and for the real small details a Vortex F5 pneumatic.
        They get a thin ply backer and satin clear coat.
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          Great idea Rolf. Thanks for sharing.



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            Nifty Rolf and thanks for the link. It seems easy to use it as a carving pattern...I think. You certainly do nice work for that art form.
            Living among knives and fire.



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              Thanks Bill, These will be sold at Christmas. If I were only making one I would do it as intarsia withe different woods and grain direction,.
              For Christmas on these I really wanted the colors to pop.
              It is certainly a nice carving pattern.