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    Since retiring in 2015, I have tried several hobbies, but the one that I have enjoyed the most is Pyrography. I have done burns for my family members, and a few friends, but had never sold any of my projects. I would like to start selling some, just o make a little money to buy items for my hobbies.

    Here are a few of my burns.

    D4FCF1A1-B5C8-4722-8665-F240A4C39890.jpegF5D804CD-9429-46DE-A518-05A8E2E32057.jpeg ​​​​​​​

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    First welcome, Diamond and this is a great forum.

    I also started out doing pyrography many years ago and now drifted into wood carving. They can really go hand in hand. Your work is great and glad you posted it. Nice variety.

    I did a lot of wood-burning and sold a lot on my sites and catered to high quality, high-end customers so the money was very good. It all depends on the market you seek. Many people now sell on sites like Etsy, Ebay, etc., and don't sell directly on a website. As the Net becomes more popular it becomes very competitive.

    Some people sell at flea markets and local venues...not a lot of money, but might be easier than on the web...if you are not interested in a lot of money. You will get a local reputation and word will spread. This approach might be the way to start, providing you like to meet and sell to people. Get some business cards made up and make some flyers. them locally in every place you can think of. Online "Vista Print' and others will give you business cards in smaller quantities for free...hoping you will go back to them for more.

    BTW, your work is above most I see locally.

    Good luck and glad you are onboard.
    Living among knives and fire.


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      Welcome to the site. Great work, can’t imagine your going to have a hard time selling items.

      I'm planning to start selling on Etsy in a few months. Claude was kind enough to send me an Etsy 101 email sharing his experiences.
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        Diamond, your work is beautiful! Depending on how deep you want to get into selling, you might do better doing work on commission. Maybe place a few pieces in a local art gallery, or some ads in a local paper. Just a thought.


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          Welcome aboard Diamond. Your work is certainly awesome, good luck with your future adventures.
          . . .JoeB


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            Welcome, those are some fine looking works you've got there.



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              Welcome aboard, great work


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                That's great work. Good luck on the selling. I'm not fond of Etsy - it seems you have to be very into social media marketing to gain an audience there - and the fees are always rising (same with other sites).

                I plan on trying arts and craft shows this spring (mostly selling sticks, canes and carvings). I figure, at the very least, it's a good way to hand out business cards, get some notice, and draw a few more folks to my web site (which I need to revamp).


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                  Nice work on the Pyrography! Those are excellent pieces and should sell well. If you want any info on ETSY, let me know. There are several members here who have ETSY shops.

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                    HI Diamond
                    Welcome to the
                    forum, your burnings are super nice. I sell my caricatures at the farmers market from June 1 st to Christmas, all the money is yours after you pay for your sales space rental,my market is open on Saturday mornings.


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                      Welcome to the site Diamond, very nice burnings.
                      Mark N. Akers
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                        Welcome to the site and I will admit, I know absolutely nothing about what you're doing. But I do know you are really good at it and I would say your work will sell!


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                          Welcome to the forums! Your work is excellent. I've been selling on Etsy for 10 years and have done well over that time. I'm sure you will be successful there as well.
                          Keep On Carvin'
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                            Hi Diamond , you really have a light touch with your Hot Pen . Can see why you have sold some of your work . Great Pieces. Merle


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                              I have not sold any of my work, just gave them to family, and close a few close friends. I would like to bring in money, but don’t want to go through the whole tax and business license thing. So I’ll just keep on burning and maybe some day I will have enough stockpile enough to have an inventory to sell.