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    The business license depends on the state/county/city in which you live; I'm in LA and don't have to have a license. I do have to pay sales tax, though, on anything sold within LA. As to the rest, such as PayPal, credit cards, etc., ETSY does all that for you and periodically direct deposits money in your bank account (I opened a local bank account just for this purpose). The amount they keep is not all that much: They charge you 3.5% of sales price to cover the PayPal or credit card expense. They charge you 5% for maintaining their web site, computers, etc. You can include shipping in your price, or you can have the buyer pay for shipping. Cost to set up a shop on ETSY is zero ($0.00). They charge you $0.20 to list an item for four months. At the end of four months, you can re-new the listing for another $0.20... All it takes is a bit of your time. Take a look at my shop and Bob K's shop - base yours on ours.

    Another place to look is the group Woodcarvers of ETSY. Their Facebook page is and their Pinterest page is

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      WOW !!!!!is what comes to mind. Beautiful work. You will have no trouble selling that kind of work. Fantastic.