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To Hard to Carve , so I Burnt it

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    Hi Joe, Placed an Order for the Paper and will get it day after Tomorrow . Thanks again. Merle


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      Great work on the wings, Merle!

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        Nice wings, what happened to the angel to go with them? Lol Good job.

        Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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          Hi Claude , Thank you for commenting . Merle


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            Hi Bob, They are going to 2 of my Angles ( Daughters ) who help to keep my interest in this Great Hobby . Thanks Bob for your Interest . Merle


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              Beautiful Merle!
              The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls... Pablo Picasso


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                Nice wings Merle. Gee, I have a piece of mahogany like that, maybe I will burn it, and not in the fireplace.


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                  Hi Merle
                  That looks really cool nice job!!!
                  In researching methods of pattern transfer for my first attempts at pyrography I came across graphite paper which works just like carbon paper.

                  If you cant find the paper use an HB pencil and burnish the back of the paper with the side of the pencil lead until the surface is heavy with graphite. Then tape the paper over the wood and use a ballpoint pen to trace the pattern onto the wood. I use this method to transfer patterns for engraving silver. For very fine detail stick a needle in a piece of dowel and round the end on the oil stone. Works a treat.

                  Another method was to have your pattern printed on a copier that uses heated toner to make the print. Most of the fuji stuff works this way I think. Place the pattern on your finely sanded wood making sure it is dust free then when the wife isn't looking use the iron set to cotton heat and iron over the back of the paper until you get a bit of a scirtch mark. The pattern will then transferto the wood. I think this was one of the methods that Brenda Wilkie uses Apparantly this works better than inkjet printed stuff as you dont get the ink staining messing up your wood. Haven't tried this yet but is on my to do list when we can rejoin the world after covid.

                  Both of these methods should save you the clean up step and with the pattern dirrectly on the wood you have a bit more control in getting the lines in the right places. I used to glue engraving patterns the carbon transfer improved fine detail by at least 40%.

                  Hope this is of some help. Sorry about the war and peace tome but I'm not that good at bullet pointing stuff.