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    Hello everyone!

    Much like Diamond below, I have also taken up pyrography following my early retirement (Dec '19). I am also a wood worker and enjoy making furniture and other cabinetry. I received a pyrography kit as a retirement gift, which I needed for an "alchemy chest" that I am making from a video that I saw on YouTube. I'm still VERY MUCH a newbie, and have only burned 3 projects so far.

    I'm not sure I see myself wanting to sell the pyrography as art, but would like to sell furniture and other woodworking items that have pyrography as ornamentation. So I need to get good!!!

    Looking forward to this site to share and learn!

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    Welcome to a great forum. I've found "functional" pyrography will sell the best and make the most money, even cutting boards. Anything personalized is very marketable, like clocks, cutting boards, doorknob hangers, picture frames, walking sticks and canes, and even wine crates. Anything functional.

    What type of burner do you have? Burners like the Optima, are fine and that is what I use.

    Good luck and keep posting.
    Living among knives and fire.


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      Glad to see you here, am looking forward to seeing some of your work
      . . .JoeB


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        I have a Tekchic variable temp burner with dual pens with replaceable wire tips. No complaints with it so far, except the Colwood site is tempting with all those tips available. But I've been reading the other posts from people who only use 2-3 tips, and so far, that's all I've used.

        I've attached a picture of one of the sides of the "alchemy chest". This is a prototype in pine that I will use as a tool chest. I plan to make a good one in Birch for a friend and this one is for practice. (I don't like the pine. The grain "weeps" sap/water and burns hard.)

        Lots of questions, but I'm still searching through the forum for the answers before I post a duplicate question.

        Any opinions on the Tekchic unit?
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          Looks very professional to me
          . . .JoeB


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            Thank you Joe! The original YouTube video used a laser engraver to do the burning, so it is of course, perfect. Glad it passes muster!