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Pyro Coffee Table with Resin

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    Originally posted by Merle Rice View Post
    Hi Becky , now I have another Question , sorry . When you say Cut and Prep. the Wood , do you mean Shaping and Sanding and why would that make you Cheap? I do that on all my Wood that I'm going to burn and I don't feel Cheap . You should get a Rich feeling when your Piece is finished that's for sure . Merle
    Thanks Merle! I feel better now. I really like the whole process of shaping, cutting, sanding... well, maybe not sanding so much lol. I just don't go out of my way to find exotic wood. Birch and maple ply works really well for me. Easy to cut and burn. This coffee table is actually a reclaimed piece. My husband has a friend that uses birch ply at his job and when it's time to get rid of it, if it doesn't look to bad, he brings it to me. That's the best kind of project in my opinion! Trash to treasure
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      You bet it is . Merle


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        Simply stunning! What a wonderful project!