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  • Pyrography tool selection

    I'm looking to upgrade my wood burning tool and give this pyrography thing a try. Right now I use a fixed-temperature iron (like a soldering iron) with a couple of different tips. Mostly I just use it to write my name and the year on the bottom of carvings. I've used it for highlights in a few places, but now I want to step that up: standalone wood burnings, and adding wood burning to carving projects.

    I've been looking at reviews and really don't know what to make of them. I'm pretty sure I want one of the variable-temperature burners. A dual setup sounds like a good idea, but I don't know enough to say for sure.

    Any recommendations? What do y'all use? From reviews, it seems like everybody likes the Razertip Dual Burner. TRUart Stage 2 gets good reviews, as does the Colwood Super Pro II. And a lot of people like the Burnmaster HAWK. And then there's the Burnmaster EAGLE, with 2 pens.

    If I buy one of these, should I get the "kits" that come with lots of different tips? Any other accessories I should get right up front?

    What do I need to know about pen selection? The soldering iron thing I'm using right now is terribly difficult to use because it's not at all comfortable to hold. Detail of any kind would be ... well, let's say that it would take a lot of practice. Even that big clunky Foredom 44T handpiece is more comfortable.

    Anyway, looking for input from some experienced hands. Thanks for the help.

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    In the rustic furniture shop down my street, one of the guys does a lot of pyro decoration on both wood and bone (bleached skulls). They have two complete sets of RazrTip 2-pen units. Never a complaint.
    Brian T


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      I had the Razer Tip Unit and switched to Colwood Super Pro , 2 Pen . 1 side is for Detailing and the other is for Heavy Burning . I get the Changeable Tips , Cheaper and work fine . they say Changeable Tips loose Heat , but I don't notice the loss . Never sorry I changed . You are going to get a lot of Opinions this subject and it's just a Matter Of Taste . Merle


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        Hi Jim
        I have a razertip and for what I do it is great. If you want to see work done by one of these have a look at the guitar I posted with the 3 different owls I did on it. This was a first about My 4th attempt at pyrography so it can only get better. Is in the pyrography section. Did you end up getting your lathe?? I posted a piece like one of your knot bowls but made out of dead plain wood and tarted it up with artwork just to show that plain stuff doesn't have to be boring. Good luck with the pyrography . I look forward to your posts they are always ineresting.

        Cheers Glenn


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          If price is no object, take a look at Razertip's new burner. The P 80. I am pretty sure it just doesn't get better than this!

          I think the SS D10 is fantastic, but the new one looks even better.

          I am convinced that the hard wired pens are far better than the interchangeable tips. No oxidation at the contact points since there are none. AND Razertip will re tip burned out ones for very little. One year all hazards warranty on their laser welded burner pens too.


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            I just have a Clowood Detailer single burner and the pen uses the replaceable tips. I just swap the tips when I need to change. I discovered that I mainly use only 2 or 3 tips for what I burn: a rounded heel skew for straight lines, a pointed writing tip, and a small ball tip that I also use for writing. So I can't necessarily say you should start with a huge selection of tips. Having a dual model lets you switch between two pens that could have different tips and are preset to different temperatures. They are not both hot at the same time. I know people that do a lot of burning find this very handy.
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              Thanks, everybody, for the responses.

              I just ordered the Colwood Super Pro 2, and a couple of books. Comes with two pens and three tips. Delivery July 20 ... the waiting begins . . . And then the learning.


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                Hi jmischel, I don't think you will be Sorry on your Choice . Have Fun on your new learning Trip . Merle