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Fractal burning warning

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  • Fractal burning warning

    from Woodworking Network:

    Woodworking Industry NewsFractal burning kills another and severely injures three more in unrelated incidents

    Original article here:,canadian_news

    Be careful guys

    Buffalo Bif

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    Thanks for the information Buffalo Bif. I have no interest in making random burn patterns on wood. Perhaps, for those who want to try something random, nail your wood blank on the wall and throw your carving tools at it. LOL


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      Wow! That is interesting. I was at one of our local county fairs here in Central Kansas a couple of years ago, and one of the 4-H'ers had done a fractal burning as a project. It got a purple ribbon and was pretty cool. Had no idea it could be fatal...


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        We had a member of our club who took it up made his own homemade device.
        After the second time he stopped his heart while doing this his wife explained he could quit or get an attorney. Apparently he believed her as he is back to carving walking sticks.

        Local club


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          I've built my own, I have three different types of transformers, Microwave, oil burner & neon sign. I took my time in the build, with well-insulated probes. True it can kill you if you don't pay attention to what you are doing. let's face a good cut to the femoral artery, wouldn't do you much good either.

          I don't do it on all my carvings. but on certain ones, relief, it adds something to the outside of the carving.

          But Buffalo Bif is right if you do this practice keep your head on your shoulders, no visiting, just concentrate~thanks Buffalo Bif
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          . . .JoeB


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            Hi Joe , I got to admit that it gives a Nice Unique Look but do be Careful . Merle


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              Many years ago I built transmitters and receivers in the basement while standing on cement floor. Learned early to respect high voltage and even while working on TV sets. In a lot of cases today I think people just don't respect high voltage since almost everything is low voltage DC.

              So yes, don't be "stupid" and respect all high voltage can and will kill. Be very careful!
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              Living among knives and fire.



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                Long ago, I built big power supplies for ham radio transmitters. 3kV plate and bigger.
                The capacitors are so big that they can build up and hold a charge
                without being connected to anything!
                I need to see everything grounded and the plug out of the wall.

                This whole idea of juice crawling across wet wood while you watch gives me the creeps.
                Brian T


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                  Tastes vary, of course, but I'm not a fan of the effects of this process on wood or on bodies.


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                    High voltage and water what could possibly go wrong!! The thought gives me the creeps also. Think I will stick to my Razortip.


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                      If you ever get a chance to watch someone doing the electric etching do, it is interesting to watch. I would want to be a highwire walker, but they fun to watch
                      . . .JoeB