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New woodburning kit and tip recommendations

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  • New woodburning kit and tip recommendations

    I know the "I'm new, what should I get" threads get old, so I won't necessarily ask exactly what I need and I'll do my research, but I am curious what tips people recommend for doing fish scales, bird feathers and some other light work. I really don't think I'll do much with the kit or the tips other than putting scales on fish and details on duck decoys, so is a regular writing tip and a small round enough for what I need or does anyone have recommendations to make things more realistic and easier for me with what for me will be a new hobby? I just came into some cash, so money's not a huge issue, but I also want to purchase a new Foredom type unit with burrs and possibly some micro chisels and gouges, so obviously I'd like to optimize my purchases.

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    I found my Optima with the PH12 skew tip suits most of my pyrography needs. Make sure you don't cut corners on a wood burning unit. As with many things, try before you buy, meaning there are many different types of tips and it is kind of like buying woodcarving knives/chisels before you learn to carve. See if there is a pyrography/carving club around you.
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      Hi Bill
      I haven't done a lot of pyrography But took the advice of person that does the most excellent work and use a shading tip which is rounded and about 2-3mm wide.

      I use the edge of the tip for sharp lines and the flat side for shading. You will note that one side of the line is slightly darker than the other this can be beneficial in detailing the work . You can roll the tip a little to go around sharp curves.

      I use the Razor tip unit which has a heat control setting on it and you can run 2 pens off it at the same time and just select which you want to use. They get to full heat in about 5 seconds.

      The tips are not expensive and you can get wire and fabricate your own tips to meet your requirements or you can buy a selection. They make half round tips in all sizes for doing scales.

      Iuse an untra fine sharp edged tip for feather detail .

      Take a look at the last posting on D28 build in the new projects forum and you will see what can be done with the piece. This was about my 10th piece of pyrography and I think it came out ok so. Was all done with the 2 tips I just outlined.

      Best of luck with it. Look forward to seeing some of your work.



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        We do what works, and figure we are partial to what we learned to do. I have a shader and never found it useful, Glenn, but know of some that like it. I've replaced my skew 3 times in the past and wore them out...of course I was burning a lot commercially.

        Yes, the wood burners are technically very simple, as far as technology. I have plans for an adjustable nichrome wire unit and know people who made them (not me). Some people use the old Walnut Hollow fixed temperature "irons" and add a light dimmer, or motor controller, to them. They also make their custom tips using rod from the hardware store.

        There are so many niches to carving and pyrography, and not enough time to learn everything about the hobbies, Glenn. At least for me.

        Glad you mastered the shader and it is something I didn't do. Have you tried a skew?
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          Thanks for the help guys. I did see that you can purchase wire and make your own and I may end up doing that since a large part of what I'll likely use the unit for will be fish scales and they obviously come in different sizes and even in different shapes.


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            Hi Bill,
            The very fine tip I use for feather detail is a skew tip.