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Pyrography tips compatibility

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  • Pyrography tips compatibility

    Hi everyone

    I have searched a lot but couldn't find a website or forum topic answering my question. I wonder which burner tips from one brand can be used on a woodburning pen from another brand, especially in my case.
    I own a WELDINGER burning station (may be not that popular outside of germany). The tips have a contact rod on each end of the wire - it looks like this. They are similar to the tips used on a Brennpeter burning station (which might be more popular) and on a burning station from Holife/Topelek - And I use tips from Brennpeter and Holife/Topolek, they fit into my burning pen and everything works great.
    I don't use that many pyrography tips, but since I have seen it a few times on the internet, I want to have at least one ballpoint tip. This is missing from the german manufacturers and I have searced a lot, didn't find anything which will fit into my burning pen because of the contact rod.
    But there is this brand called burnmaster, guess this brand is popular in the US. They also have contact rods on their tips, but I can't find any information about how big those contact rods are. I can read everywhere that they are 33 millimeters long, but I don't really care about that^^. Brennperter rods have a width of 2,9 millimeters, Weldinger have 3,0 millimeters and Holife/Topelek rods must have something around 2,7 millimeters. In case the Burnmaster rods are also as thick as them, they would fit...
    Unfortunately I can't buy single contact rods like here for my burning station and make my own tips with them and some wire.

    Is anyone here who has tried something like this out before, maybe owns a Brennpeter and uses Burnmaster tips or something like that? Or does somebody here own a Burmaster burning station and would be that kind to take a ruler and look up the width of the contact rods?
    Last option would be buying a tip and trying it out, but I thought about asking first

    (and since I'm not a native: Sorry for any mistakes I made in this text and will do in further texts^^)

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    I see what you mean about not finding information! I have been looking for the answer out of curiosity. I think your "last option" might be your only option. I hope it works out for you.


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      Might want to check and search her, Yessy: Dated site but lots of information on the forums.
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