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    They are an awesome breed, but not meant for everyone, they are severely territorial and very good protectors. We are hoping he is perfect for keeping the bears at bay, while I greenhouse.
    I used to be a great pyrenees fan, but always wanted a CO.
    Having a blast, and he doesn't mind being my carving company!
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      Hi Becky
      There was a fad a few years ago in NZ for burnt wood furniture. We used a gas burner which scorches the surface of the wood pretty quickly and you can control the colour easily.

      You can get a small gas burner from a hardware store for a few $ not expensive.

      For the fine work you are doing I would brush it off with a fine brass wire brush which is nowhere as harsh as the steel wire brushes. This way the finish will be smoother and then I would burnish it with a soft cloth to fill any small scratches with colour and give you a nice finish.

      Couple of photos attached of pine done this way with wire brush finish just to give you some idea of the outcome. You will see that the colour varies a lot on this wood.

      Hope this helps.

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        That looks waaaay prettier than mine