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Burning Fish Scales

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  • Burning Fish Scales

    When trying to burn scales on a fish say a Bluegill how much pressure do you need so the scale will still show after it is painted? I have tried on a scrap piece of basswood and if I press too hard or too long the wood is darker then I like.

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    I haven't tried fish scales, but I have noticed with other burnings if I turn the heat down I can get more depth without scorch. But if you are painting it, will the paint cover the dark parts?


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      Likewise, I don't wood burn my carvings. Sometimes I incise the scales with knife cuts and wipe gel stain into the cuts. More recently I press the scale pattern with a carefully chosen gouge. On the fish below the scales were pressed into the side of the fish with a Pfeil #11 - 2mm gouge. The entire fish is only 2-1/2" long. That means each scale is 1/12th of an inch wide. It would be more visible if I rubbed gel stain into the pattern and wiped off the excess.
      It would also be possible to make the scales graduated (large to small) since Pfeil makes the #11 in twelve widths starting at 1mm and going up to 30mm



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        Thanks guys, I have the Razortip fish scale tips and I did not want to bend them pressing down too hard.


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          One of the real experts on this is Irish. I believe she has a place on her web site to ask questions, or you could try sending her a PM.

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