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  • Disappearing thread?

    I was wondering what happened to my thread I posted earlier. It was the same as I posted in the general woodcarivng section but I did that intentionally. I looked to see if there were any rules or guidelines against that but I didn't find any. Did I miss something? Why was it deleted? I posted it in both sections cause not everyone checks all the sections but I wanted it to be seen by carvers and burners so that is why I posted in both sections.

    I am really curious so if you could please give me an answer when you have time.

    Dan if you didn't get to see my reply to you before it got deleted please let me know. Thanks!

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    Re: Disappearing thread?

    My understanding is that duplicate threads can be removed by a moderator. (I am not a moderator) They probably assume that members of the forum click on "New s" in the upper command line rather than just the category of their interest.