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  • Need help..

    I am pretty new at burning. I am looking to get better. What do you suggest I burn on? Whats a good burner? Any places to look online?

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    Re: Need help..

    Welcome aboard. You came to the right place for advice.....some great burners aboard here. I enjoy using my Razortip burner, and have a selection of tips: skew, spear, shader, etc. Check out the last issue of WCI, it was a burn special and has loads of great info on equipment and methods. I've been practicing on un-finished boxes, made of Pine and Birch plywood. The plywood makes for a great surface to burn as does Basswood. The big thing is practice and check out a couple of good books on burning.....the only one I have is Sue Walters "Pyrography Workbook" and I find it very helpful. Most of all I find the folks here the biggest help, Susan Irish, Nedra, Alfie Fishgap and others. They encourage, critique, suggest and really know their stuff, and I certainly appreciate their help.

    Have fun and happy

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      Re: Need help..

      Hi CustomBurn,

      I, also, am using a Razortip D-10 with the duel pens. It's great to have the second pen just waiting in reserve with a different tip. The entire set up with several different fixed pens and a kazillion interchangeable ones ran me about $200. But I should also say that my wood burning kit contains two one-temperature tools as well which get a lot of hard use. My first one-temp tool is about 25 years old and doing great. About five years ago I added a second one simply because I wanted to the that second tip option.

      As for surfaces, think natural fibers and you'll do great ... sugar pine, birch plywood, poplar, basswood, paper mache boxes, rag-cotton watercolor paper, gourds, and even medium weight muslin cloth all do wonderfully. Remember use Untreated-Unpainted surfaces as you don't want to end up burning chemicals, just natural fibers.

      The softer the wood the darker the burn will be. Basswood burns much more deeply and quickly than birch or light maghoney. Don't be afraid of wild grain in your wood as it can create some really fasinating effects in your work.

      If you try muslin cloth also buy canvas strechers. Staple gun the cloth tightly, working the staples from the center of the strechers out to the ends to get a really tight pull. Then slide a scrap piece of plywood behind the cloth. This gives you the tension you need and the support for the pen work.

      Glad to have you join us!


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        Re: Need help..

        There are several good burners on the market. I use and sell the Razertip and Burnmaster burners. I also recommend the Fixed tip pens as the pens of choice. Interchangeable tips do not give as good heat distribution and they are intended primarily for intermittent burning only. The choice of dual output burners versus single output is a very personal issue and one primarily of how much you want to spend. There isn't much difference between them except for the additional port which holds the pen. YOu cannot heat both pens at the same time, but you have the convenience of flipping a switch rather than changing pens which only takes a second. The Razertip dual output burner does have one other feature that the single does not have. It has a low-end heat adjustment so if you have your burner set on a low temp and it's burning too hot or cool, you can adjut it. This is also very good if you live in an area where there is a problem with low voltage. The Burnmaster does not have this feature but I have not found where it needs it.

        As for pens. Well, I primarily use 3 pens and they are made by Razertip: the HD5MP spear shader (which they made for me and comes packed in the burners I sell), the F9S writing tip and the HD14SM round-heeled knife. I do 99% of my work with the spear shader and use the writing tip to sign my name and the round-heeled knife for the rare occasions where I draw a line.

        There are many other great pens but they are not NEEDED!

        When looking at burners also look at warranties. Razertip has a 3 year unconditional warranty against anything, not just manufacturing defects. Burnmaster currently has a 1 year, but if you wait and purchase after September 1st it will go to a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

        Sue's information about woods is good. I primarily burn on basswood but also use Italian Poplar plywood. I prefer this over the Birch plywood because it's color is lighter and there is less grain to deal with. Gourds and leather (vegetable tanned only) are good to burn on but you really need to clean your pens frequently when working on these mediums.


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          Re: Need help..

          Awesome!!! Thanks for the help guys. Those responses where awesome. Glad I finally found a place where the people are helpful. Do you happen to know if I could order one online?


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            Re: Need help..

            you can order either burner online from our website. the link is listed below in my signature


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              Re: Need help..

              I have had my Razortip for a couple of weeks and really enjoy the ease of use. Of course I haven't used any of the other fine burners, but certainly can recommend the Razortip.
              Let us know which burner you decide on.


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                Re: Need help..

                I bought one a few months ago from another site, then found Nedra sold them, for less and with more goodies! If I had known she sold them I would have bought from her.
                The Razertip is great!