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    Just wanted to share, because I am so happy with this purchase . I have been a hardcore, nothing could pry my old faithful Walnut Hollow old school pen out of my hands for years now. I was given a Dagger II burner as a gift a long time ago, and could never get used to using it. It always felt awkward, and got to hot on my hands, and it took forever to burn with because the tips never seemed to hold the heat well, so I would forever be having to pause.

    But, I was reading some reviews online because I do know that there were ways I was limited with the Walnut Hollow and figured I would try the Burnmaster. And I LOVE it.

    All I needed was the adapter cord to fit in the power control from the old Dagger, and it works amazing. Got the cord, the pen and three tips for well under $100. And it comes with a little screwdriver to change the tips.

    First, it fits my hand very closely to the Walnut Hollow burner. Which is one of the reasons I haven't been able to get used to other pens. They've never been comfortable at all and just felt too different in my hand.

    Next plus, it is extremely well insulated. No worries about heat. The way the contacts hit the tips, they stay heated well, and don't seem to lose it as I burn. Very similar to the copper tips I'm used to using, so I can still burn fast without having to hesitate.

    And last...the tips are inexpensive. And they sell the bottoms and the wire for you to make your own, for very little cost. I'm all about it not being expensive to replace a tip.

    I am still using my old burner at times, mostly because for some of the more intricate stuff I trust my hand more with what I have always used, but I think with some more experience this is definitely going to be my go to pen from now on.

    Anyway, just thought I would share..