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problems with my razertip burner

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  • problems with my razertip burner

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. I got a Razertip single burner in October. For the first month it was working great! Then, about a month ago, it stopped functioning properly-the burn would be strong at first and then, even with the highest setting, it would fluctuate and then stop working. I got a new cord-no help. I got a new pen-no help. Sent it back to the company. They checked it, said it was fine, now they're sending it back. I know the same problem will continue if they haven't changed anything. What to do? The tips are clean, the posts are tight and separate. The plugs are tightly plugged in (at least I think) when I use it. The pen itself seems to get hot but the tips don't hold there heat. I can't evenly complete a liner, etc. I really need some help with this.
    Thanks very much

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    Re: problems with my razertip burner

    If you get it back and it is still doing the same thing, I would send it back to them and tell them it does not work and you want a new one. The difference between their bench and yours is the electric plug. If your plug is working properly then its their machine that is bad. A company needs good customer relations especially with a customer who is in a position to inform a lot of people via the web about their product and service.


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      Re: problems with my razertip burner

      Thank you for writing.
      I will send it back if it doesn't work but it costs over $20 to ship it to Canada!
      Very frustrated


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        Re: problems with my razertip burner

        20 bucks to send it to Canada, ouch. I've heard Razertip had great customer service and warranty. If you aren't happy when you get it back is it to late for a refund ?

        When it starts to fluctuate is there another electrical draw happening to bring the power down, like a furnace fan kicking on or a space heater. Other electrical items can draw power from the wood burners outlet. When we burn as a small group of just 4 burners plugged in to a strip you know when one has been turned off or on.
        They really are finicky when the power supply changes.


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          Re: problems with my razertip burner

          I would day that any electrical draw or fluctuation on the line voltage WILL definitely affect your burning. I experienced the same problems with the a/c in the hot weather. "Doc"