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    Just wanted to give all you pyrographers a ‘tip’…no pun intended!

    I have been very happy with my Colwood Detailer unit and all of the replaceable tips, etc. I have a fixed tip pen that I use to sign my work with, and one of the feeder wires broke. I thought I would see if the company would fix the tip and let me know how much it would cost.

    Well, I guess Colwood is only interested in retail, not fixing tips—granted, the pen was only $14.00, but I pride myself in taking care of my stuff, and it really torqued me off when this broke.

    Their response was, “You will just need to purchase another pen, there is nothing we can do”…not taking no for an answer, I visited with a friend of mine that runs a pawn shop and does jewelry repair.

    Long story short, $5.00 later, my guy has fixed my tip with high temp gold solder, and it is good as new!

    My point is that don’t take no for an answer, and if you have someone that does jewelry repair, they can probably repair a tip that you might ordinarily have thrown away to buy a new one.

    I really like Colwood, and I will get over this, but it will take a while.

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    Re: Tip Repair

    I have had very good service at Pyrography, woodburning tools, feather formers and portable dust management system - Razertip. to put in new tips on their pens and other brands. All at a very reasonable price. By the way I have not financial or other interest in this company. DM