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A Few Projects on Paper

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    Re: A Few Projects on Paper

    Originally posted by WhittleBurner View Post
    Mike, very nice work ! I see you are starting to beat you nemesis...shading. Those all look good.
    Am I reading into this, that you are favoring burning on paper ??

    The only critique I have is on the squirrel, which is really well done by the way. Would be to add a slight bit of darker hairs in the shadows to give a little depth and definition at the underside of the arms and tail and under the jawline.

    Keep burning on!
    Hallo Marcy

    Many thanks for your kind comments ....yes working round the shading a little more now........using paper at present its easier to store the finished project.... its a lot cheaper than wood...if you make a mistake you can replace it quickly were as with wood once burned its difficult to remove

    My thoughts also........but I,d sealed thevproject so had to let it stand

    Kind Regards Mike


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      Re: A Few Projects on Paper

      Hmmmm, now you got me thinking.. Paper probably packs better and lighter too.. We're taking an extended road trip this summer, might just take paper and save the weight and space wood would take up.