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  • Seeking Advise/Suggestion

    Hereby, I'm asking for an advise or a suggestionon how I can properly woodburn a part of a project I'm doing right now.
    The project is attached. As you can see, there is the façade of our 300-year old church and the adjacent steeple or tower. I have no problems with woodburning the façade. But I don't know how to cope with the texture of the steeple. I hope you can see that the steeple is made of a visible brickwork. I don't think I have to draw every single brick, but how can I convey the idea of this texture?
    The project is about 10" by 13".
    I thank you in advance for any kind of support/advise you may give.

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    Re: Seeking Advise/Suggestion

    Are you wood-burning on a relief carving? If you are doing it on a relief carving, I think that I would try carving a texture and then stain it. The texture would catch and hold the stain and if done right, will the look of the brick. One of the characteristics of brick, is it's evenness; so no I don't think you have to do every brick or make them the exact size that's in the picture, but get as close as you can. The rest of the façade will give plenty of contrast, which is good. Another possible way would be to wood-burn the whole tower, maybe try using a small ball tip in the pattern of the bricks.

    Good luck with it and be sure to practice on some scraps first.


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      Re: Seeking Advise/Suggestion

      Dino, for the tower I'd draw the brick work on very lightly in pencil then burn the in between lines dark, make 2 or 3 passes on it. Shade the areas to be shaded then For the brick you can use a spear point shader if you have one and build up the layers and use several shades staggered about for the bricks, a few darker spots and lines on the bricks here and there will help add a little texture.

      Not sure if this makes any sense , kind of hard to explain but have no doubt you can do this.