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The Royal Palace of Caserta

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  • The Royal Palace of Caserta

    This is my last pyrography representing the Royal Palace of Caserta (a town some 20 km. from Naples). The view is taken from the waterfalls. This Royal Palace, the gardens, the pools have been compared with the more famous Royal Palace of Versailles - Paris. An historical note: in Oct 1943, after the landing in Salerno, it was used as the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied a Troops in the Italian front. In 1945, the Palace hosted the surrender ceremony of the German/Nazi troops in Italy. A woodburning note: the most difficult part of the work was burning the vegetation on both sides of the pools and giving it the right shade. The picture is 11" by 15". Dino

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    Re: The Royal Palace of Caserta

    The whole thing looks difficult to me!
    Hazel Strickland
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      Re: The Royal Palace of Caserta

      Well done, Dino!

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