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Vintage Sequoia Carving of Bears in Forest

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  • Vintage Sequoia Carving of Bears in Forest

    Hello, I am looking for information that would help identify the artist who has carved this 6’ x 2’ slab of Redwood which depicts a family of four bears within a forested setting. Back in January of this year there was another member who reached out to artisans and carvers for similar information. We acquired our piece from an antiques dealer in Maryland almost twenty years ago. The member who posted her find resides in Kansas. We are only interested in learning more of the artist and felt that by posting a few images of our wonderful piece, might open a few doors to exploring more on the artist who's signature resembles an arrow passing through, or by, two horseshoe’s as you can see. There has been no enhancements done to the photo, only a lighting change was applied during photography in an effort to better appreciate the carvers handiwork.
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    Sorry I can’t help you out but that’s quite an impressive piece of work. Good luck in your research.


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      Thanks Nikki, t
      here is certainly more work by this artist that is being enjoyed by other collectors and admirers. We look forward to the exploration.


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        The bad news is it might be a search of hundreds of miles inland and coastal. Anyone living in Redwoods - I had 5 acres of them would know a dozen or more carvers doing all sorts. Some are house workers while others have street businesses. I could see almost any craft person in the San Lorenzo valley carving something like that and with the name... just a day trip and you are there. Many drove there to climb the mountains. So memory of a trip and a scene would trigger it. One never knows. I have a lot of Redwood, some beautiful 4x4x12' and some large rough sawed that I had sawed up. Benches and lumber. It is a nice wood to carve - easy anyway. Nice colors and the tannin is natural tinting. Martin


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          Hello Martin, We greatly appreciate the response, and your knowledge in the area of "The Sequoia's" and Pacific Northwest Carvers. We have knowledge of only two additional pieces that bare the same signature which are owned by two separate collectors. They appear to have been done by the same artist. We've only seen photos of one of those pieces. It was approx. 20" in height, and was of a full bear standing amongst a couple of hollowed out logs carved over a mound of earth in the wood . Don't know if it was done in redwood or not as the images we saw was of a light blondish colored wood.

          Regardless! I am no authority, but have been a fine carving collector for a few decades. I believe the piece we have might be 40 or 50 years of age based on the patina of the wood finish.

          This is a process of discovery! We have no time limit here. I posted the info on the sight because I was getting little to no info in my web based search efforts. We look forward to all the bits and pieces the carvers and guilds throughout the land can offer up here. Hopefully, the process will at least provide us with a name behind the talent, and who knows, maybe we'll have a greater knowledge of additional work the mystery artist also accomplished throughout their lifework.


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            Study the carving with a magnifying glass. Even as simple as some PacNW native carvings appear to be, they were able to add their names, hide the lettering, in the carving.
            Brian T


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              We have a relief carver on this site that does work like this. He goes by username telecarver, but his name is Ron Ramsey. He displayed some of his work in this thread: https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...r-not-to-frame - We haven't heard from him recently, so he may not have seen this inquiry. You might try a private message to him by clicking on his username. Perhaps he didn't carve this piece, but he may know who did.