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Carving a Mobius Strip

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  • Carving a Mobius Strip

    Here's a project that's a little different - a Mobius strip with chip carving down the middle. Starting with a rough hexagon of wood, sketch out the soft folds, then shape the wood down into the low part of each fold on both sides. This will be good practice on dealing with grain direction. Most of this can be done with a knife unless you want the folds to be loose or open, in which case you'll need a narrow gouge. After the strip is carved to even thickness and smoothed, layout a pattern of chip carving to emphasize the curves and folds. Note that a Mobius strip has only one surface and one edge, so there is no end to the middle pattern. Actually you will have to omit it from the folds because they are too tight for carving.

    If you thoroughly seal the wood, you can emphasize the chip carving by wiping gel stain into the pattern.

    Moebius 001 (2).jpgmobius 001.jpgmobius 002.jpg

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    So cool!
    Bill K.
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      Great Piece and Very much Eye Appealing. Merle


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        Eye Candy!


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          Well done sir. I've carved a couple of these, the first was a real eye twister. was so thrilled to get it done, I did not add anything else. Again well done
          . . .JoeB


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            That is really excellent work...very crisp and clean, and sharp chip carving!

            The Mobius strip is named after the German mathematician August Ferdinand Mobius (1790-1868), who invented it. I've carved lots of Mobius strips in the past (none as good looking as that) but mine are a variation.

            First I carve the basic (ribbon) Mobius, then I carefully (and I do mean carefully!) split the ribbon in half along its entire length. The finished carving presents a continuous or never ending path on it's surface. It appears to be two pieces somehow hooked together. However, if you start at any place on the three cornered split strip you will return to your starting's actually one piece!

            Carving a Mobius strip like this is very tricky when it comes to splitting it in two...I've broken more of them than I care to admit! And the worst part is that it doesn't break until the very end of the splitting procedure (after all the work is done)!

            pallin's Mobius strip is truly an eye catching piece of art whereas mine is just more along the lines of a simple whimsey.

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              Those are all wonderful.
              Warm enough in my kitchen to do some baking this afternoon.
              Guess I'll have to do some Mobius strips just for a giggle.
              Thanks for the inspirations.
              Brian T


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                one of those could last me the whole winter whitting slowly.. wow.

                photos at........


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                  Well done! Great looking project.
                  We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                    Pallin, Bob, thanks gentlemen. As mentioned, great inspiration for small projects to fill the gaps between the bigger ones.



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                      I love that, I will have to try something like that one of these days. Good work.
                      "The artist must possess the courageous soul that dares and defies."
                      kate chopin.


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                        I agree that is an excellent carving, clean cuts and beautiful wood


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                          Great Piece