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  • Dogwood relief ...........

    Just can't sit still these days. I had been looking for another carving project and when I saw Mottles latest project I was off and running, or I should say, of and carving. I didn't start a WIP thread so here is my attempt at dogwood blossoms. I have thoughts on adding some color but .........

    C&C ?

    dogwood relief.jpg

    1/2" Poplar, two coats shellac as sealer, one coat BLO.

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    A fine carving! Color would make it pop, Just my $.02
    . . .JoeB


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      Hi Frank
      I am with Joe here, think color would really make it WOW!
      Are you using air dried poplar or kiln dried?


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        Excellent job...nice clean work!
        Keep On Carvin'
        Bob K.

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          Beautiful relief, Frank. Fine as it is, but if you're thinking of color, I'd say perhaps a light wash just to suggest color would be nice rather than going too bright and bold.


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            Hi Frank, I agree with Arthur about the Color, you could even try Colored Pencils, that makes a nice Soft Color . Very good Carving. Merle


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              Hi Frank, wow so happy to inspire you to create a lovely relief carving.

              I love dog wood, and remember seeing it in the Yosemite Valley a beautiful tree and flowers.

              I think also that you could go either way with this carving. I do think because it's a delicate carving I'd try some light washes of color such as Merle suggested. If you find the light washes are not enough to suit you...then increase the color but do it gradual. For your washes you could use Artist oil paints diluted with orderless turpentine.

              I'm still working on my relief carving and do plan to paint it with Artist oil color.

              Please keep us posted on your progress


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                I'm swayed, adding color it is.

                I have a small collection of undiluted acrylic paints that I had planned to use, but I really like the idea of using a wash to lighten the colors.

                Yes Mottles this project is all your fault. Thank you.

                Scotia Caver: It's kiln dried Bruce, so says the big box store.


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                  You have made your decision, and maybe have started applying color, so it may be too late to refer you to this past discussion:



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                    Originally posted by pallin View Post
                    You have made your decision, and maybe have started applying color, so it may be too late to refer you to this past discussion:

                    I agree Pallin every time I started to add some color I just couldn't do it. I would like to have a little more contrast between the subject and the background though so I'm giving that some consideration.

                    Take care.


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                      frankj - I understand your desire for a little more contrast between the subject and background. You mentioned that you have applied shellac to the piece. I suggest you apply a fairly thin line of gel stain along the edges of the subject. Then, within a few minutes wipe away the stain with paper towel or thick cloth, leaving just the stain in the crease and blending it out into the background. You may have to use Q-tips where the edge line is tight or close to the border. If you like the result, you can do the same with the lines in the leaves and petals.

                      If you're not sure, try this technique on a scrap piece or maybe just one side of the dogwood stem - Seal thoroughly, stain sparingly, wipe smoothly.

                      Here is a previous discussion of this highlighting technique:

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                        For the future, What I do I those case is to us Watco danish oil. It comes in several different shades, from natural to a dark walnut. It Will add a contrasting background. my favorite is "fruitwood"
                        . . .JoeB


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                          Thanks Joe and Pallin, appreciated both your comments. Will try your suggested technique Pallin, I can see the results in my minds eye and I like it.


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                            Finally got over my procrastinating and added some color to my dogwood relief. I like to think it really made it pop, but then again maybe a little to glossy. . C&C?

                            dogwood relief.jpgpainted dogwood relief.jpg


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                              The color really adds to your fine carving. I not sure, but there will be someone to make a helpful suggestion about the shininess.
                              . . .JoeB