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  • Iris effort...

    Just finishing up this Iris, one coat of BLO and then maybe a little added color later . I'm not real happy with its positioning in the round, not sure what to do about it. Maybe remove more background out to the bark line or possibly sawing the bark off all together and going with an oval shape. ??? C & C


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    Very pretty. Don't you hate all the quandaries as you try to finish a carving?
    From Missouri


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      Hi Frank , Great Detailing that you always have on your Carvings. I agree with removing the Background out to the Bark Line and make the Background Deeper will put more emphases on the Iris. What ever you do will be a Keeper. Merle


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        I agree with Merle. Take the background out to the bark and maybe go just a little deeper, but other than that I wouldn't fool around with it much more. It looks good.
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        Bob K.

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          What timber did you use here ?


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            I would extend the carved/stained portion out to an even ring of the unstained wood, giving the whitewood the visual effect that a mat has on a painting. I think the problem you have is that the balance is wrong, it looks top heavy, so less pleasing to the eye.


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              Thanks all.

              I'm taking the route Merle and Bob K. advised. I'm about done with the roughing out now.

              Arthur I see what your saying, I'm hoping this background change helps correct that look.

              Copeau the round is of basswood. Will look for a piece with tighter growth rings next time.

              Thanks Donna. No I'm OK with it most the time, but there are times.....