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  • What font is this?

    I want to alter the saying on a plate I am carving but I can't figure out what font it is. I emailed Wayne Barton about it but he is out of the country until the middle of October. Can anyone tell me what it is?

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    Check your word processor program (MS Office, Open Office, etc.) or look in your font folder.
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      Nope. Don't have it, but it looks like an old CELTIC Style to me.

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        I would guess that the font was modified by the person designing the pattern. The clue is in the lower bar of the capital "E". On most fonts it would not descend below the base line. That said, I have used fonts like Caslon that offer many unique forms of descenders and ascenders, sometimes linking with adjoining letters. These are often not available as computer fonts because of the unique spacing.


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          I have a pretty decent collection of fonts on my computer and on several graphics software installation CDs. This does not look familiar.


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            I checked my computer for fonts before I asked the question. I also went online to some font sights and could not find it. The original design was done bye Wayne Barton. I emailed him but he is out of the country until the middle of next month so I can't ask him until he returns.

            Thank you for your responses. I appreciate your help.


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              I would also recommend that you get Chris Pye's book, Letter Carving in Wood, 230 pages, published by Fox Chapel Publishing (sponsors of this website). It includes some concepts as well as techniques for carving letters.