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chip carving knife for beginners

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  • chip carving knife for beginners


    I had watched on several videos of chip carving, and i wanted to adopt new hobby.
    I searched a little bit in some sites after knives for beginners and found those 2 knives:

    They are recommended?

    (sorry on my grammar)

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    HI DR
    You might want to check out the German chip carving knives at, they are very good


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      Those knives are okay for starting your new hobby of chip carving. You probably don't need the plunge knife as a beginner - I have been chip carving for many years and don't use one. Next, learn to sharpen the knife to a fine edge. Finally, join the group to get ideas and help.


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        I had some Pfeil knives. Very good steel as Pfeil is noted for.
        They all had very small handles so it took a death grip to hold them.
        That hurt as my old hands are a bit arthritic so I sold them.

        Moor and Flexcut are other brands that I hope you have looked at.
        Brian T


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          I had some Pfeil knives, also.....out of all my knifes I do not use them not like the handles, they are uncomfortable. I love their chisels and gouges although. I think the best beginner is flexcut, as I still use them and they keep a good edge.
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            Nice to read that I am not alone about Pfeil knife handles.
            Their gouge handles are just fine, all day long.

            I have a Moor Large Chip knife. I use it for dragging stop cuts in form line carving.
            I am really surprised that I have not broken the blade.
            I lean hard on it, hoping for maybe a 1/4" deep cut line.
            Many times I pull the knife away, expecting to find 1/2 the blade gone.

            The fat gray plastic handle looks really goofy-crude.
            But, it turns out to be really stable to hold in any orientation.
            Brian T


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              I've chipcarved a couple thousand pieces and only used a stab knife a few times. Also recommend The following blade shape rather than the straight european shape. The following is made by OCC. Happen to be my favorite knives but there are many others makers with the same shape.

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                It's all I've used, so I can't compare to anything else, but I've done very well with the knives that My Chip Carving sells. He's actually about to come out with a newer, "better" knife in January (the Diamond knives). And I absolutely second (and third, fourth, and fifth!) the idea that you must learn to effectively sharpen your knife very early on in chip carving. No amount of skill can compensate for a dull chip carving knife.


                For a beginner, I'd say you could probably do with just the Modified Gold knife from MCC.


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                  I have two chip-carving knives: a Swiss Pfeil and an Austrian Stubai. I prefer the Swiss one.


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                    I know I'm newer here, but I don't even use a chi carving knife. I used a flexcut detail knife. It works fine for me.


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                      Originally posted by Isaac10991 View Post
                      I know I'm newer here, but I don't even use a chi carving knife. I used a flexcut detail knife. It works fine for me.
                      Do you chip carve?
                      Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.


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                        Originally posted by papasar View Post

                        Do you chip carve?
                        Yes, but not very much


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                          You might also consider chip carving with a fishtail gouge as described in this thread:


                          Note: The photos of the process are in entry #72 (page 5)
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