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    I see the need to keep a very flat surface.
    I'd use a cabinet scraper to cut that surface flat.
    They are very easy to make and cost me nothing but a little time.
    Sandpapers can only shred the wood fiber.
    Brian T


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      Newer sandpaper is not as bad as the old, usual garnet paper. As you sanded, bits of the garnet would chip off exposing newer surfaces thereby leaving the grit it in or on the wood which could then dull your edges. I tried sanding after chip carving only to lose the sharp edge of the cuts. Using an erasure a little hard can cause pieces to pop out. I found that using graphite paper, then chipping, if any marks were left, I used an electric (battery) draftsman eraser. Worked great. Used light pressure. No pop outs. Swiss type sandpaper is what I know a good many carvers use because of its pliability and it doesn't leave much if any residue to dull the edges. No personal reason for the next statement other than being a satisfied customer, I purchase my Swiss (hold) sandpaper from Klingspor's Woodworking Shop.