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  • rickm
    gee no answers for you i will try and cooperate to give you some feedback a lot of folks wont carve after sanding becaue they are afraid bits of the sand will get in thewood and dull the knife, personally I dont worry about it. I just had a piece of basswood tha was really rough and flaky and I want to put a intricate kind of pattern in it, it was like chip carving and sanded it all first to get a really smooth clear finish because, once I carved it I couldnt sand it anymore unless I wanted to recarve it, or touch it up. that migh be what he is referring to. Once you have a chip carved pattern in your wood, it would be heartbreaking to sand all those sharp edges off tha you worked so hard o maintain. just my two cents.

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  • Daroc
    started a topic Sanding


    I read in Wayne's Chip carving book that he sands before chipping. Is this a must do - just got the knives yesterday and started practicing.