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Hello, recently started doing chip carving.

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  • Hello, recently started doing chip carving.

    I'm excited to have found this forum! I took a class a couple of months ago on chip carving and got bit by the bug. I've been a woodworker for years, though the last year or so I have sluffed off a bit. Started carving and I'm on my 10th carving. I've included pictures of my last two carves. I recently bought Pattern Maker from Marty and the second carving below is my first pattern. It is not done (got a ways to go yet) but it is my first original from initiation through carving.

    I do have a couple of questions on technique but will look to see if there is a better place to ask such questions on the forum. Again, glad I found y'all! Hope you like the pictures!

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    Welcome to this forum. You are off to a good start. I have a couple of questions for you. What kind of wood are you chip carving in the first photo? Is the design in the second photo a chip carved Fibonacci sequence?


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      Welcome and this is a great forum for information. Search past threads or ask a question.

      I also am curious about the first piece of wood...pine?
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        Welcome to the forum. You are off to a good start. Learn how to sharpen and strop often. The blade should cut smoothly without any chatter
        Bill K
        You can repair breakouts with Elmer's glue if you can retrieve the chip.
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          Welcome aboard, you have done some beautiful work there. Keep it up.

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            Welcome to the forums! You did an excellent job on this piece!

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              Just an idea on style or form. Go to you tube. Search Tatiana Baldina. I think her style is fascinating to watch plus, my hand doesn't hurt as much. Also, there are some Russian ( I believe) chip carvers with some unique tools and styles also. Never hurts to watch and learn different ideas.


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                Welcome to the forum, and feel free to ask what you will. You're off to a good start!
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