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To Frame or not to Frame, that is the question!

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  • To Frame or not to Frame, that is the question!

    I've read some pros and cons from time to time about the advisability of framing relief carvings. I'm not talking about "self framing" which is often done both for aesthetics and to prevent warping or cupping of the panel, but about using a separate frame to contain the carved panel. What are the thoughts among my fellow relief carvers?

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    It is an aesthetic consideration - to visually "contain" the subject of the carving. You could try adding a separate frame and still have the option of leaving it off. In general, frames should be simple and not compete with the carving.


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      I don't do relief carving but do have some experience with oil painting and canvases. Mostly paintings are greatly enhanced by a frame. As mentioned by Pallin it keeps the eye focused on the painting. I "suspect" the same for carving, photography, and pyrography. I'm an advocate for frames. Sometimes a border will suffice.

      If a relief carving has a border that is in contrast with the work, it will enhance the work. JMO
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        If you are going to keep it, then whichever your and your wife think is best. If you're going to sell it, I'd suggest an easily removable frame, just in case...

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          Appreciate the comments, guys! I'm think along the lines of...should the relief be confined by an external frame, does it more justice to let it stand alone? I suppose it has to be decided on a case by case basis depending on the subject matter.

          Claude, I don't sell so I suppose that eliminates one problem!