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    Originally posted by drhandrich View Post
    Well said Dileon, I was wondering if you also sometimes use a nonskid sheet under the carving while tapping away at it. it seems like it might add just a hint of shock absorber to the method. the anti-slip stuff found for use in cupboards.
    I use a variety of things under my carving, depends on the wood I am using and what kind of cut I use...somethings are super fragile. I use a mat that I bought for is thicker but looks like the shelf mat. it is called Non Slip Sanding Router Pad for Woodworking,
    which is used most of the time.... except the cats' love to pee on it. cleaning it is not fun. I have those pads that are foam that you put on the floor to stand on...those are also great for things like this. Also I use old pillows to support and even to brace areas. I have a super thick canvas that was used for clay work is nice for thin areas that can not have hardly any give. And the bad do not do what I do, my lap... Basic anything that will help absorb the impact of the hit and often I use a combination of these things. It is noted 99 percent of the time... I do not brace my carvings because I am non stop turning them to carve...Nonskid router pads are best for making sure they do not slide, cheap and on Amazon. Photo is a woodworker non-slip mat from Woodcraft best thing they do roll up nice to be put away.
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      thanks Di, and now i am curious enough to have a go at making my own lightweight pounder.

      photos at........