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  • woodburner807
    I'm not a relief carver so not much help, except to say I'd practice on some scrap pieces to learn the tools, grain, cuts, etc. A V gouge seems like a good idea though, and I think you would need a lot of practice to use a knife.

    Good luck, Sagitta and someone should chime in with better help. Welcome aboard!

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  • Sagitta
    started a topic Stop Cuts

    Stop Cuts

    I've started my first woodcarving project. I took one of my scroll saw patterns and adapted it for carving. I tried using a "V" gouge to outline the letters but I find that I'm not getting near deep enough for stop Cuts for carving out the area around the letters.
    Would I be better using a skew knife or something different to get the stop Cuts deep enough? I've also discovered for me palm gouges for this type of carving was a bad idea. Going to switch to mallet going forward.
    As you can see in the picture, the rear tire of the truck took a hit when the gouge got thru the knot ... lesson learned....