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Another Escher Relief - "Day & Night"

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    Phil, the changes in perspective are a challange, I'm sure. Coming along nicely, it will be a gem!


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      I must be getting anxious for the completion. My sweetie & I have already discussed where to put it. Since it was done during the same period (1938) as "Sky & Water I & II" it should probably be close to them:

      Exhibit1.jpg It will possibly replace "Amalfi Coast" at the far right in this photo.


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        For those of you curious about what tools I'm using here is a list:
        #3F-16mm - shaping river channels, leveling overlays, general shaping
        #5F-8mm - shaping birds, villages
        #3F-6mm - finer parts of above
        #3-3mm - narrow part of above
        #8-3mm - trees, narrow grooves
        #16-3mm - incised lines (this a 35 deg. V-tool)
        All of these are Pfeil full size gouges except the third. It is an old Herring Brothers gouge. I use a double edged knife for making stop cuts (although there are not as many in this design.)


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          For those who have never carved a complex relief, this design must be confusing. How do you decide what parts are actually in relief? That is, having depth and shape. Do those little boats on the river actually rise above the water surface? Do the trees stand above the farm fields? No, they're actually cut into the wood. Only the flying birds and the villages rise above the base level. There are many details that will be incised into the base level: trees, boats, windmills, farm houses, people (Yes, there are figures on the bridges & walkways.) They will be emphasized with gel stain.

          This makes the relief carving very different from the original woodcut by M. C. Escher. It is amazing to me that he did this complex design in Feb. 1938, before the somewhat simpler "Sky & Water I" (June 1938) and "Sky & Water II" in December 1938. (You may have to browse back thru the photos to make sense of these comments.)