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Another Escher Relief - "Day & Night"

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  • The rewards of the endeavor are starting to pay off
    . . .JoeB


    • While studying this carving for the next step, it became obvious that the space just left of center needs to be dark. This is in the area where the dark & light birds are "morphing" into farm fields. So I stained it with a special dark stain that gathers itself into stripes when it dries. LOL (don't ask where to get it!) Here's a close-up. It's just above the German Shepherd:



      • What an undertaking It is sure a lot of fine work. Will be really something special when finished.


        • Thanks, Glenn. Somehow I have not convinced other carvers that a project like this is just like doing a series of caricatures or holiday ornaments. "A trip of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and all that kind of stuff.


          • I understand where you are coming from with the single step comment.

            I spent 480 hours building a fancy flintlock rifle. Just like the piece you are doing each element of it was like a project in itself. The skill set for each element is different as well so major projects like this build our skill base up to new levels which tends to keep life interesting as it raises the question of what can I do with the new skill set and how can I add to it.

            The possibilities are limited only by ones imagination.


            • ‚Äč‚ÄčThis design is the first of three woodcuts Escher made in 1938 based on a similar idea - a tessellation that gradually breaks apart. Five years ago I did a relief carving based on another of those 1938 woodcuts, so I became curious how long that project took - apparently two months as shown by the dates in this discussion:


              But in that design I didn't have to carve the landscape under the tessellated figures.



              • Almost a month has gone by since my last entry. There have been many things competing for my attention - pandemic, election, economic fluctuations, what to have for breakfast?
                Here are the two villages with a little stain or white paint:

                DN17b.jpg DN17a.jpg


                • Hi Pallin
                  I just can't wait to see the completed piece it is going to look fantastic. Hadn't seen a post from you and was starting to get a bit concerned that you might have been unwell. So glad to see you were just taking time out for other things.

                  I wont be able to do a lot in the next few months or even longer as My left hand is having issues with carpel tunnel.Might be able to manage some wood turning as I don't have to grip the tool too hard with that is more a case of just guiding it over the tool stop. Will see how things go.

                  could be a good time for a large pyrography project. Now there is a thought as I can do it all right handed.
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                  • Sorry to read, Glenn, that you are having problems with your hand(s). I have to take it easy too. I have a habit of working too hard in the yard, lifting boxes too heavy, playing repetitious computer games, and carving too long. But, the project is going fine. It needs only a couple hours work.