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Hello chip carvers.

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    Here's and idea that may work for you.

    My mom had similar problems with her eyes. She liked to read, so i set up one of those lighted magnifying lamps next to her chair. That worked for a year or so, then it wasn't enough. Finally i took an old video camera and mounted it above a small desk. The output went to a large screen tv. With it she could zoom in until she could read the image on the tv. She got pretty good at sliding the book back and forth and continued reading this way for another couple of years.

    I reconnected that setup this morning and tried carving while looking at the tv. It awkward at first but it is workable.

    Best of luck.



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      welcome as well, Slim !!
      I met Wayne Barton back in 1980 at a woodworking show in Jacksonville, FL and attended one of his seminars ($25). I bought his tools and some blanks, but I never could get the hang of it. as said, just not my cuppa tea either.
      BUT !!! - I do use the "stab and chip" methods in other carving projects. so it was well worth the price of admission.
      looking forward to seeing some of your projects.
      Retired Dimensional Graphics Artist (a/k/a Sign Carver)


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        Thanks for the replies .I just finished four of those as coasters . They got better and quicker going from first to last but still tons of room for improvement but it is a start . . Would like to go on now for a basic pattern of some kind but not finding anything on line suitable yet. Most are so far advanced from my skill level. I didn't realize I had replies here .Thought I had email notifications set .I will check again on that .
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          Here's a place to start: Tatiana is awesome in her work. She has carvings for sale and also sells patterns.

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            That is the beauty of carving, challenging yourself, and seeing results! I'd say you're off to a great start.
            . . .JoeB


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              I got Lora Irish's book before I even got any supplies or a knife to try chip carving. That little set of coasters I did was from a pattern in her book. She has some very complicated and advanced patterns that I don't feel I am ready to tackle yet because of not wanting to go through transferring one to wood and then make a mess of carving it and be out the price of the wood by having to chuck it out . I will look into Wayne Barton's book to see if he has some beginner patterns' but might find out only by ordering it on amazon.. I have been hoping to find a site with downloadable patterns rather ordering more books just for one or two suitable patterns . Better still , if someone would like to share a couple of their first ones either here or on a messenger PM. I have literally searched for many hours trying to find something suitable without spending a lot of money for it .