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Every Carver's First project Should Be A Walking Stick Or A Cane.

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    Originally posted by woodburner807 View Post
    Nice looking stick Eddy, and the eagle looks great. I like the idea of the ribbons on the cane and gave me an idea for mine. I've made thousands of sticks and canes over the years and like you, still haven't made one for myself.

    Always nice to meet another Vet.
    Thank you. I've been woodburning (more to the literal sense than the artistic sense) since I was a kid in summer church camp. I still have a woodburning of a small bear that I made my mother back with I was 11 or 12. Most woodburners add all the shading and color in by artistically applying the burner tip. I've never had that much time, patience or artistic talent to use that method so I use the woodburning for outline and paint everything. Been doing that years. Unfortunately my hands aren't as steady as they used to be so some of my work isn't as neat as it used to but,however, the fun is not all in the end product. The fun is also in the process. I wish or should I say, that my wife wishes that I hadn't made any canes for myself. I've got at least a dozen carved and/or painted walking canes sticking in an old milk can by the front door and in the corner of my den. My stock and trade item is a T-handle woodspirit cane and I've given away almost as many as I've kept. I still keep a couple in reserve in the event I run across someone who needs one. Anyway, make yourself a cane and keep it handy. You never know when you'll when you might need it. Thanks for your service Brother!


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      Originally posted by joepaulbutler View Post
      Now that will knock your socks off. Walk with pride
      "You can bet your bippy I am!" Less than 10% of Americans served in Vietnam and that service wasn't really appreciated. When I walk up to a man or woman in uniform today and "thank them for their service," I want them to know that the appreciation comes from one who served and knows their sacrifice.


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        Originally posted by rolds View Post
        Very nice carving Eddy, I like it.

        When I first started carving, walking sticks with wood spirits were what held my interest.
        Rolds....I fully agree with you my friend. I've yet to meet a woodspirit that I didn't like.