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  • Found a Stick!

    Ok new to the forum and new to any kind of Woodery apart from a box i made in high school 30 years ago.
    I like to walk and hike, ive always wanted a good walking/hiking stick like my old man used to have many moons ago. His were all found in his local area and he would spend a great deal of time with them and make them into great walking sticks. Unfortunately being a teenager i liked to use them but had no interest in looking for and crafting them. Now many moons later. I regret that and the knowledge has long since passed away.
    So... I start from scratch.
    I live in Tasmania and I have found the almost perfect stick, length wise, weight, dimensions, it really was too good a find. Theres no rot, no splits or cracks, a little bit of bark on it and it just feels so good as i was walking back to where i was staying.
    I just dont know where go from here to prep and treat it and turn it into a solid walking stick that will last longer than me.
    I believe it is Tasmanian Myrtle, although Sassafras is in the area too, but the weight of it makes me think it is myrtle.

    I would greatly appreciate any tips, advice and help on what to do next. It is at the moment out on the veranda drying, i found it in wet conditions.

    If anyone has a link to a recomended guide or anything would be great.
    I really do want to make this stick into something my old man would have liked, i almost feel like he reached down from the great beyond and placed it beside the trail for me to find.

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    Hi Pilgrim , sounds like you have the makings for a Great Walking Stick . You started out good by letting it Dry , after ir dries you can start to finish it by removing the Bark if that's what you want or leave the Bark on . Leave the look of the Stick tell you how to finish it . Sand it and seal it with Poly U or what ever Finish you have . As you can see it isn't a hard process to do a Walking Stick . Take you time and Finish it well if it turns out Great you will be making more . Have Fun ... Merle


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      Welcome Pilgrim! This YouTube video might give you some ideas.
      How to Make Hiking Sticks


      Pepper and Pine
      Published on May 23, 2016
      Join me as we learn how to make hiking sticks from found branches and sticks. We cut them down to size, removed protruding parts and sanded them down using a power sander, metal file or sand paper. You can also use a pocket knife to remove bark and reveal layers of beautiful wood. Smooth down your stick starting with 80-100 grit sand paper and move to finer and finer grit until your stick is nice and smooth. Remove dust with an oiled cloth before staining. Use a brush or foam applicator to apply 1-2 thin coats of stain. Allow to dry in a well ventilated place. We had ours outside and they dried pretty quickly. The last step is to apply a sealant. We use polyurethane to give the sticks a shinny protective layer. The polyurethane takes 24 hours to dry completely. Make sure all your surfaces are protected before staining or varnishing. You can also decorate your sticks with a wood burning tool or cut notches into the handle. The whole project took us less than 4 hours to complete.


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        Glad to see a member from OZ...welcome. You can check my website for some ideas and I also wrote an article for another website, I think it was but they have been taken over by Dash. This was a long time ago and I think this is the article I wrote 20 years ago?
        Living among knives and fire.


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          Welcome to the the forums!

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            Welcome to the site, as you can already tell there are a bunch of swell, informed people here, Glad you're among us now
            . . .JoeB