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    Originally posted by drhandrich View Post
    geez woodburner, glad i found your site. from them you could put photos into bookform and sell as patterns and ideas.!
    I have done thousands over the years and I just put a few on the site to show variations. I've done them in numerous variations, from inlays to plain sticks. I haven't updated the site in a few years and am trying to not do anymore, but they are custom and a costly stick still is attractive. Need more time to just carving. Thanks Denny.
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      Rontana, as long as youre experimenting, had you thought for the next one to run an additional spiral matching in the opposite direction? I think you would end up with a " diamond or checkering" effect like on a gunstock carve. ?

      photos at........


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        Bill - Thanks for the pyrography tips. I took a read of your site. Those are fantastic sticks!

        Denny - That's a great idea. Will likely give it a try

        And thanks to all for the kind words and encouragement
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          I've heard the "Peppermint Twist" but I don't think I've heard the "Cottonwood Twist"...

          Nice stick, by the way!

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            You did nice job on the twist stick. I've done a few of them in pine and basswood. I used 1 inch blue masking tape to lay out the lines. It's tedious but boy the results are worth it. Thanks for sharing.

            Bob L


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              Thank you Rontana for a very interesting post, and by he way, I sure like your cane. Perhaps this post may get the creative juices working in me. Thanks for posting your picture.


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                Bob . . . Those are fantastic. And, you're right. The time it takes is really worth the end result

                Curly . . . Thanks. Go for it. These things are too much fun
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