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The Scooby Doo Stick

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  • The Scooby Doo Stick

    Trying my hand at woodburning some fur here. It's definitely a trial and error process (mostly the latter, I think). Maybe it's Scooby Doo crossed with a Catahoula Leopard Dog.

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    Nice stick and work, Rontana. Woodburning fur is a whole other skill and many books have been written about it. A few people on my old woodburning forum excelled at it, but I never did. Too long of a study for me. However, yours is fine for accenting a wood carving, IMO. Shading underneath and various shading of the fur helps a lot. Layer upon layer.

    Not aware of many that can excel at woodburning and also wood carving and also stick making. A lofty goal for you. Good luck.
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      im liking it. the doggy sets just perfect up there on the head. i sometimes paint over woodburn and learn that i need to burn deeper for it to show better, if i get just a little bit dark during the hair burning and then stain over, the dark and stain compliment each other.

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        I agree with Bill 100%
        . . .JoeB


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          Thanks all. Yeah . . . this was good practice, as it was a very rudimentary intro into shading. I have an entirely new respect for woodburners.

          Also, funny how you can see things every day, and they don't immediately translate into a carving or burning. I doubt if I've spent more than a day or two away from a dog in the past 40 years. It didn't fully penetrate my brain till last night - while looking at my highly amusing Bassett/Aussie Shep (Hugo the Dog . . . just made him my profile photo) how the fur on his face lays in a different direction than that on his neck/body.

          I knew this . . . but it's so fine and short on the face that I'd never really paid attention.

          I think it may be a side benefit of making these things that it leads you to look (and see) more closely.
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            Hi Ron , Very well done , you are now Addicted to Stick Carving , Welcome . I also see yopu found out that you need to train your Eyes to Study your Piece . The Eyes have it . Merle


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              Lookin' good!



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                Nice looking stick - and a great insight into seeing instead of looking...

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                  Hey Claude . . . I just noticed where you live. One of my best friends is in Ponchatoula . . . just sent him a dog cane last week
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                    Scooby was a good subject. Well done!