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Sanding my walking cane

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  • Sanding my walking cane

    I'm really enjoying carving walking sticks , from walking in the woods , picking out that prefect piece to cut , removing the bark and turning it into a nice walking cane . What I'm wondering is , when sanding has anyone sanded and didn't realize they also were sanded down the finger nail down to the point it's now throbbing . I'm sure it's from folding the sand paper in half , sanding the stick on one side and my finger on the other. It's the middle finger nail , have to remember to tape it up the next time . Tricks of the trade I guess .

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    A small palm sander will save time and fingernails .


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      Yes, a palm sander is a good suggestion however, I usually sand them by hand. I start with 60 grit if rough then to 100, then 200, then 300, then 400. I've never had a problem with my hands. My wife sometimes sands them and occasionally will use gloves, if it is a rough stick.

      Then I woodburn them or rarely I will carve them...after the sanding.

      Good luck and let us see how it turns out.

      Living among knives and fire.


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        Thanks guys for answering . It's my first attempt on carving a snake on a walking stick . I love working with wood , I got so into it I sanded my nail down to the quick and didn't know it . I like working with my hands . Time goes by so fast , I'm using a combination from knives , chisels. , files , dremel and of course sand paper. I didn't realize while sanding with the sand paper folded in half rough side out , I was wearing my nail and skin down at the same time .


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          I use Plumbers Emory Cloth , it comes in a 1" Roll . I loop it around the Stick2 times and then pull it with Left Hand and then the Right . I find that it keeps the Stick more Round and Even . Good Exercise for the Arms . The name on the Roll is ( Forney ) , got it at the Ace Hardware . Merle


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            Great idea , just looked it up . Wasn't familiar with the product , thank you .