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tools for sale forum gone?

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  • tools for sale forum gone?

    Hello, a few years ago, before the switch to this 'new format" there was a section where
    members could post carving tools for sale to the other members before they hit the
    ebay's etc. I looked through the forum titles and did not find any such forum available.
    Am I correct or did I miss something
    thank yoiu
    Frank bud

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    Yes, classifieds are gone now.


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      You can find the reasoning here: https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...sified-section


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        How about this?

        Really stupid Pfeil D 1S/8 double bevel skew which wanders with every push or pull cut.
        Hard to elevate and line up for a slice. Useless in the kitchen for decorative food carvings.

        Joint the thing for a better use?
        Brian T


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          Too bad. I would rather sell my carving books and tools to someone who uses the message board than a complete stranger. Not hard to see who is legit if you are active on the board for any length of time.
          Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.


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            Yeah, it's too bad. I'm so grateful for this Forum and what they were able to bring back, but unfortunately it will never be what it once was thanks to the despicable people in this world.
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            Bob K.

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              Just a thought;.....but I wonder if we (the members of this forum) posted individual ads in the "Off Topic" section when we had something for sale or wanted to buy something. I know we wouldn't reach a large number of people , but as Papasar said we would reach those that were legit . Might be better than "nuthin' ....
              If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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                Hi Y\all
                I like Soggy's idea about letting memebers know you have something to sell, to see what it is, the buyer could contact the seller via PM and complete the whole deal via PM


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                  That seems like an easy fix.....there must be a catch!



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                    Hello All,
                    Thanks for the feedback on the lack of 'classified'. I bought a few knives from a member called "Robinson ??) and they are great.
                    I was a member for about two years but when the change came it wasn't the same.
                    I guess I will just put them for sale on ebay. Before they go on sale. which will be a $25 per tool price for like new Pfiels, I will
                    let the forum know. Maybe somebody from here will be lucky enough to get them.
                    take care
                    Frank from NJ