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Small carving vise jig.

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  • Small carving vise jig.

    I have made a number of these jigs for different uses. I use this Jig on my carving vise to carve most of the cane handles and toppers Ido. It is just ¾ inch egg shape cut of plywood with a hole for the threaded rod I use to attach the topper and shank, a flat washer, lock ring and wing nut. It lets me have both hands free for carving. Giving me much better control of my tools.As you can see I can turn the work in almost an position. I have one I use with a different length hanger bolts (bolt with machine thread on one side wood screw on the other) for holding objects like birds or caricatures.
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    Great idea, Randy! I like that carving vise too!
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    Bob K.

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      That's an Eli vise, Bob. I got one last year. Very easy to change position and holds well. I mounted mine to a piece of 2 x 6 which I can clamp to my workbench or my WorkMate using a couple of F clamps.

      Great idea for holding smaller pieces to be carved, Randy! I'll have to think about this... Do you pre-drill the hole for the hanger bolts?
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        Yes. I love Eli the vise too!! I have it on a 2" X 8" X 12" that is bolted to a 4"X4" I clamp in my jaw horse, Workmate or bench Vise. I have had some large pieces of wood on it roofing out with large mallet tools, the vise holds well.


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          I've got one also along with a workmate and various clamps. They come in very handy. Jigs of any type can really make or break a project at times. I'm always so grateful to find anything that helps out significantly.


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            I think your idea would work well with the Poor Man's Vise. Thanks

            Bob L


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              It should work with any vise,


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                I had one ball joint vise that used a croquet ball and wood boards with holes in it to make one similar to above. I remember seeing another ball joint that a chainsaw carver made using a bowling ball. It was a monster, he had a 1" lag bolt in one of the finger holes that screwed into the bottom of his project.