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    What to avoid when picking wood for carving and what is the safety precautions of wood carving?

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      What you carve can depend a lot on what woods you can buy where you live. Some woods are very expensive.
      What woods are your local home builders using? The shops that build furniture and cabinets?

      I buy local wood, western red cedar, because it is clean (no mud or sand) and very cheap.
      One block was 24" tall x 12" wide x 8" thick. No knots, straight grain, fresh and frozen -20C solid. It weighed 40 lbs = 18+kg.
      I bought a dozen like that, they cost me $5.00 each.

      Some carvers hold the wood in one hand and carve with the other. They have special protective gloves to reduce being cut accidentally.
      Other carvers always carve away from themselves. Chainsaw carvers need protective clothing.
      Brian T


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        I like carving so I don't want to work at it That is the reason I use basswood, a pleasure to work with.
        . . .JoeB


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          I only carve basswood and get it only from Heinecke Wood Products. It takes all the worries out of buy wood.
          Keep On Carvin'
          Bob K.

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            I have some poplar air drying, not quite as easy to carve as basswood, but very inexpensive to purchase in Nova Scotia


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              I use poplar when making cane tops, good straight grains.
              . . .JoeB


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                I carve everything that isnt nailed down, oak cherry maple apple, basswood most of it found wood. If you go to the fruitwoods you will have to stay sharp and be patient and some woods like really hard maple your better off with a die grinder than a knife. Safety? i cut a tendon in half years ago and cant move that finger. get a stainless steel glove from lee valley dont trust kevlar or anything else. and I dont care how many people you see carving without a glove get one if your a klutz like me you will get cut and it will be a nasty one probably.